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Dyed Through Vegetable Tanned Shoulders

Dyed Through Veg Tan Shoulder
Dyed Through Veg Tan Shoulder Close Up
Dyed Through Veg Tan Shoulder Grain
Dyed Through Veg Shoulder - Cognac
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Article Name:Dyed Through Veg Tan Amanda Shoulders
Cut: Shoulder
Average Size: 12 – 14 Sqft.
Thickness: 3.0 – 3.4 mm
Available Colours:Black Orlando, Matt Black, Dark Havana, Oxblood, Tobacco, Brandy, Cognac
Ideal Uses:Knife Sheaths, Sword Scabbards, Reenactment, Armour, Brief Cases, Belts, Shoulder Straps, Marine Applications, Western Holsters & Gun Belts, Gun Slips & Cartridge Bags, Tooling Leather, Pet Collars & Leads, Robust Leathergoods & Satchels, Smart Phone & Tablet Cases.
Technical Specs / Description:Full Grain, Veg Dyed Through Shoulders
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Our fully dyed through vegetable tanned Amanda leather shoulders are a premium quality full grain leather, suitable for a wide variety of high end applications and uses such as belts, gun slips, cartridge bags, phone/tablet cases and satchels to name but a few.  This leather is tanned using natural products and traditional methods, which produces a sustainable and eco-friendly leather. The porous nature of this article, combined with the grease/wax free finish allows it to absorb water and become extremely malleable when wet, allowing you to form and mould the leather to your required shape. As it dries the leather will retain the desired shape and become suitable for carving, embossing and dying. 

We stock 3.0/3.4 mm dyed through veg tan shoulders in the following 6 colours: Black Orlando (Bright), Matt Black, Dark Havana Brown, Brandy, Oxblood, Tobacco and Cognac. The average size of a shoulder is 12 -14 Sqft, and offers good length for cutting belts and shoulder straps. 

If you are looking for un-dyed vegetable tanned leather in it’s natural state, then please have a look at our range of shoulders, sides and whole butts. 

For further information regarding our Amanda shoulders, or should you wish to place an order/request a cutting, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Please click the following links to visit our general information pages regarding: How to Order, Sustainable Sources and Leather Cuts.

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