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Raw Hide

Raw Hide
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Raw Hide
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Article Name:Raw Hide
Cut: Whole Butts (Pre-cut Strips)
Average Size: 8″ wide x 54″ – 60″ Long
Thickness: 4.0 – 5.0 mm
Available Colours:White
Ideal Uses:Protective Coverings, Balloon Baskets, Reenactment. 
Technical Specs / Description:Semi-tanned, raw middle for extra strength


Raw hide is a semi tanned leather, with a raw middle- this gives it extra strength. This article should be thoroughly soaked and applied wet, this allows the leather to form around an object, taking the shape- be it the base of a balloon basket or the edge of reenactment shield. As the leather dries it retains the shape and hardens like concrete! This unique property makes it ideal for all manner of protective coverings. This really is tough stuff!

We supply 4.0 / 5.0 mm raw hide in pre-cut strips 8″ wide, which on average measure between 54″- 60″ in length. 

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