Mocha Pig Split Linings, BARGAIN PRICE! Imperfect Tannage


0.6/0.8mm Mocha Pig Split Lining Leather
Imperfect/defective tannage, so just £5.00/skin! 

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The same article as our regular stock of 0.6/0.8mm Mocha Pig Split, suede effect lining leather. However, due to a fault in the tanning process the fat lacquer is coming our of the skins, showing as a while bloom on the surface of the leather. Please refer to photos. This creates a waxy drag feel. It can be significantly reduced by tumbling, manipulating and buffing the leather- creating more of a polished sheen on the surface. 

Because of the defect, these 8 – 10 SQFT skins are available at a bargain price,  just £5.00 each! 


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