Assorted Nubuck Sides


These stock lots have been sorted and graded by hand. We have priced accordingly based on the overall quality. See the full description below for further details. 


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A selection of various colours and thicknesses of nubuck- 79 skins in total available. Every skin has been sorted and graded by hand. We have then priced each stock lot dependent on the overall quality & size of the skins. Some skins may include brands, scratches, irregular colours, holes, flay marks etc. Some of the leather is quite old, so may be showing it’s age with faded or dirty edges. We have priced them all accordingly. We have taken great care to ensure that the photographs are as accurate a representation of the leather as possible, to show clear colours as well as any imperfections or defects. 

Rest assured this is all nice leather, and there’s some really beautiful stuff included- some absolute bargains to be had! 

Please note, that unless only one skin is available, the sizes specified above are there as an approximate guide only and are not exact. They are there to give you an indication of the largest and smallest size you may receive. 

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Bark / 1.8-2.0mm / 25.00 SQFT, Blood Red / 1.8-2.0mm / 21.25 SQFT, Bubblegum Pink / 1.6-1.8mm / 25 SQFT, Claret / 1.3-1.5mm / 17 SQFT, Garnet Red / 1.8-2.0mm / 15-19 SQFT, Glacier / 1.6-1.8mm / 11-17 SQFT, Gold / 1.6-1.8mm / 15-18 SQFT, Ice / 1.2-1.4mm / 24-28 SQFT, Lavender / 1.4-1.6mm / 16.00 SQFT, Lilac / 1.0-1.2mm / 13-20 SQFT, Lipstock / 1.2-1.4mm / 20-25 SQFT, Olive / 1.8-2.0mm / 18-20 SQFT, Penelope Pink / 1.8-2.0mm / 18-20 SQFT, Plum Waxy / 1.2-1.4mm / 17-21 SQFT, Raspberry / 1.4-1.6mm / 18.00 SQFT, Red / 2.0-2.2mm / 13-15 SQFT, Ruby / 1.4-1.6mm / 23-26 SQFT, Scarlet / 1.6/1.8mm / 10-14 SQFT, Shark Grey Calf / 1.0/1.2mm / 4-7 SQFT, Slate Grey / 1.2-1.4mm / 13-18 SQFT, Truffle / 1.8-2.0mm / 26.00 SQFT, Welsh Grey / 1.4-1.6mm / 12 SQFT, Yellow / 1.3-1.5mm / 12 SQFT

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