Discounted Special Offer Veg Tan Shoulders

In our biggest ever sale, we have over 150 veg tan shoulders, individually photographed, measured and gauged, all available at bargain prices starting as low as £32.60 for a full shoulder!!

Colours include Naturals, mid-browns, dark-browns, tans, blacks and assorted multi-colours: we’ve got the lot! There’s a selection of finishes including full grains, buffed, glazed, distressed and softies. Thicknesses range from 1.5mm all the way up to 4.9mm. 

There are varying grades, some have marks and imperfections- we’ve photographed each one individually so the shoulder in the picture is the one you will receive. 

There’re some real beauties in here, so have a look through and grab yourself some leather treasure whilst you can, they will be sold on a first come first served basis so happy hunting!!

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