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Dancer Sides

Dancer Cow Hide Sides
Dancer Cow Hide Sides
Dancer Cow Hide Sides
Dancer 1
Dancer - Black
Dancer 3
Dancer 2
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Dancer 1
Dancer 3
Dancer 2
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Article Name:Dancer
Cut: Side
Average Size: 18 – 22 Sqft.
Thickness: 0.9 – 1.1 mm        
Available Colours:Black & Dark Brown. 
Ideal Uses:Motorcycle Jackets & Clothing, Gussets in Leathergoods, Sporran making.
Technical Specs / Description:Chrome Tanned, Dyed Through, Pigmented Sides, Printed with a light crushed grain. 
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Our Dancer Sides are a chrome tanned, dyed through leather. These sides have been printed with a light crushed grain. This 0.9/1.1mm leather is also referred to as “Gusset Hide”, the supple nature of this article makes it perfect for use as a gusset in small leather goods such as sporrans, and motorcycle leathers. We have Dancer available from stock in Black & Dark Brown, available to order online now. 

Discounts are available for bulk purchases – please contact us for details.  

For further information regarding our Dancer leather, or should you wish to place an order/request a cutting, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Please click the following links to visit our general information pages regarding: How to Order, Sustainable Sources and Leather Cuts.

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