Custom Cutting & Leather Binding

Custom Leather Cutting

We provide a leather cutting service for simple bespoke items such as straps and leather panels. With our experience in working with leather, we are able to get the most from every hide.

We can produce leather panels to order, cut and spliced as required.

We will work with you producing drawn designs to your exact specifications to ensure complete accuracy and customer satisfaction for cut leather and leather panels.

Please note, this cutting service is only available for bulk orders. We do not cut single or individual bespoke pieces.

Custom Leather Cutting Custom Leather Cutting

Leather Binding

We have the ability to splice and join leather (see photo below) to form continuous lengths of leather binding on rolls up to 50 meters long. This is ideal for piping, trimming, edging and gussets on leather goods.

Our binding leather is available in a variety of colours and finishes, and will be made to order to suit your personal requirements. Please note that we only make binding for bulk orders, please enquire for further details. 

Spliced Leather

Please contact us on 01535 655111 for further information.

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