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Black Scuff Leather

Black Scuff Hide
Black Scuff Leather
Black Scuff
Black Scuff
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Article Name:Scuff Leather
Cut: Back
Average Size: 40 Sqft.
Thickness: 4.0 – 4.4 mm
Available Colours:Chrome, stained Black
Ideal Uses:Protective Coverings, Balloon Baskets, Oar/Rowlock Guards, Nautical & Marine Applications
Technical Specs / Description:Full Chrome Leather with fat liquor to repel moisture


Scuff leather is a fully chrome tanned leather which has been treated with fat liquor to repel water/moisture which protects the article from the elements, a true outdoor hide. This durable leather is perfect for any protective coverings which are to be used outdoors such as balloon basket bottoms and oar/rowlock covers.

At 4.0 / 4.5 mm thick, our black scuff is a strong, durable and substantial leather.  Average skin size is approx. 40 Sqft. 

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