J. Wood Leathers Embarks on a New Journey

j.wood leathers

Discover the exciting developments underway at J. Wood Leathers. With new ownership and a refreshed look, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering the finest quality leathers and hides to every customer; from novice leatherworkers to established, high-street brands. J. Wood Leathers, a well-established presence in the industry, is forging a new chapter led by Jack Wood, who brings 15 years of experience to his new role following a buy-out of the company. We’re thrilled about this transition and its promising prospects for our valuable customers and the future of J. Wood Leathers. “I feel honoured to take over …

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The History of Leather

history of leather

Leather has played a significant role in human history, evolving alongside civilisations and adapting to the changing needs of societies. J.Wood Leathers is the latest business from a long line of leather merchants, the history of leather has always been a topic of interest to our team. Let’s take a look at how leather has developed from a survival tool to the modern material it is today.    Where it all started The story of leather began with the early humans who used primitive tools to craft clothing and tools from animal hides. The Stone Age marked the emergence of …

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