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Natural Veg Tan
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Natural Veg Tan Butt
Natural Veg Tan - Whole Butt
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Economy Veg - Half Shoulder
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Natural Veg Tan
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Article Name:Natural Veg Tan Shoulders
Cut: Shoulder
Average Size: 12-15 Sqft
Thickness: 2.0-2.5 mm     3.0-3.5 mm
Available Colours:Natural 
Ideal Uses:Knife Sheaths, Sword Scabbards, Re-enactment, Armour, Brief Cases, Belts, Shoulder Straps, Marine Applications, Western Holsters & Gun Belts, Gun Slips & Cartridge Bags, Tooling Leather, Pet Collars & Leads
Technical Specs / Description:Full Grain, Natural, Vegetable Tanned, Un-dyed Shoulders


Article Name:Natural Veg Tan Sides
Cut: Side
Average Size: 20 – 30 Sqft.
Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm     1.2-1.6mm     1.8-2.0mm     2.0-2.4mm     2.4-2.8mm     2.8-3.2mm     3.2-3.6mm     3.6-4.0mm   
Available Colours:Natural
Ideal Uses:Falconry Hoods, Bookmarks, Wallets, Purses, Hand Bags, Pet Collars & Leads,  Tooling Leather, Smart Phone & Tablet Covers/Cases
Technical Specs / Description:Full Grain, Natural, Vegetable Tanned, Un-dyed Sides


Article Name:Economy Natural Veg Tan
Cut: Shoulders & Half Shoulders
Average Size: 18 – 20 Sqft.     or     9 – 10 Sqft.
Thickness: 1.2-1.6mm     1.6-2.0mm     2.0-2.4mm     2.5-3.0mm     3.0-3.5mm
Available Colours:Natural
Ideal Uses:Re-enactment Soling, Embossing, Carving and Tooling Practice, Armour, Scabbards, Sheaths
Technical Specs / Description:Full Grain, Natural, Vegetable Tanned, Un-dyed Shoulders & half Shoulders including Cheeks 


Article Name:Natural Veg Tan Whole Butts
Cut: Whole Butt
Average Size: 17 – 22 Sqft.
Thickness: 3.2-3.6 mm     3.8-4.0 mm
Available Colours:Natural
Ideal Uses:Belts, Gun Slips, Briefcases, Musical Instrument Cases, Leather Goods.
Technical Specs / Description:Full Grain, Natural, Vegetable Tanned, Un-dyed Whole Butts


We specialise in the supply of Natural Veg Tan tooling leathers. We stock a huge variety of different cuts and thicknesses, suitable for a multitude of different applications including, but not limited to: Falconry hoods, bookmarks, wallets, phone & tablet covers/cases, purses, bags, knife sheaths, scabbards, re-enactment, armour, brief cases, belts, sporrans, straps- the list is endless. This leather is tanned using natural products and traditional methods, which produces a sustainable and eco-friendly leather. The porous nature of this article, combined with the grease/wax free finish allows it to absorb water and become extremely malleable when wet, allowing you to form and mould the leather to your required shape. As it dries the leather will retain the desired shape and become suitable for carving, embossing and dying. 

Our range of Natural Veg Tan will absorb oils and liquids, making it ideal for use in a wide range of marine applications including rope protection, wheel, oar and rowlock covers as well as boom guards etc. 

This leather is widely used by antique restorers for recovering desks, chairs, picture frames and covering boxes/trunks. The beauty of natural vegetable tanned leather is that, with a little skill, it can be dyed to match colours, aged, weathered and tarnished to look exactly like the the original it is replacing. We can put you in contact with a true master craftsman, a genuine leather artisan – Ginger Guest, who has decades of experience working with Natural Veg Tan- he can teach you how to get the best from this product. Ginger made the superb Western gun belt which features on our home page. 

We also stock 1/2 butts up to 5.5mm thick which are very popular with reencactors for use as boot and shoe soles, as well as natural Veg Tanned Goat Skins. 

We pride ourselves in stocking the finest quality of natural veg tan leathers. Large, clean skins showing little growth, scars or flay marks offer good, cost effective cutting for large patterns and long belts. 


Economy Veg Tan

If you’re just getting started and looking for some leather to practice with, but without breaking the bank, then our range of economy Veg Tan is perfect for you. This is available in varying thicknesses from 1.2mm up to 3.5mm, in either whole or half shoulders with cheeks. These are odd shapes, but are reasonably clean offering a good amount of cutting area- perfect for a wide variety of leathergoods (especially re-enactment) or for honing your tooling/carving skills. Please note our economy veg leathers are not suitable for making belts. The leather can be wet moulded and dyed. And the best part, with prices starting as low as £2.35/Sqft. this offers excellent value for money!


If you are looking for dyed through vegetable tanned leather, then please have a look at our range of shoulders.

For further information regarding our Natural Veg Tan Leather, should you require advice on your leather selection or wish to place an order/request a cutting, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Please click the following links, to visit our general information pages regarding: How to Order, Sustainable Sources and Leather Cuts.